Talking bout the Twins

Alex Kirilloff, RF

Solid, athletic build. Will get stronger. Has the frame to carry added strength. Won’t turn 21 until November. Advanced feel for the barrel. Front shoulder stays closed during swing. Occassionally opens hips too quick but doesn’t lose opposite field power because of the close front shoulder. Swing is a bit inside out. Comfortable working the middle of the field. Plus power to LCF. Wrists are a bit stiff, slight arm bar with right arm as he goes to load. Despite gaudy power numbers in the Midwest League, Kirilloff is still learning to hit for power. Power will come due to elite hit tool and approach. May have trouble with premium velocity inside. Struggles against breaking balls down and in. Hits everything else.

Defensively, profiles as a RF with plus arm. Throws have carry and stay on-line. Accurate arm. Likes to show it off. Good reads on fly balls. Fringe runner.

Overall, one of the most polished young hitters in the game. Doesn’t try to do too much at the plate. Gap power should translate to 30 HR potential with experience. Advanced approach with consistent hard contact and plus throwing arm. FV 65

Luis Arraez, 2B

Small frame, maxed body projection. Advanced feel for the barrel. Swing is inside out/slap style. Works middle of the field. Consistent hard groundball contact with minimal power projection. Neutral stance with excessive crouch. Hands drop at load. Doesn’t try to pull but has the bat speed to turn on mistakes on the middle half.

Fringe runner hurts profile since power projection is minimal. Arraez knows his strengths and excels at putting the barrel on the ball. Doesn’t walk or strikeout. Despite approach, lack of power/speed limits ability to make consistent positive impact at the MLB level. Skills play up as a utility infielder but the advanced approach and excellent feel for hard contact could lead to success in short spurts. FV 45

Lewin Diaz, 1B

Large frame with body projection left. Thick, long legs. High waisted. Slightly open stance  with long swing. Pitch recognition is still a work in progress. Aggressive hitterWill expand the zone on offspeed out of the zone. Struggles to get to inside fastballs with velocity. Lunges, dives into home, slowing bat speed inside. Flashes of power but neutralized in-game due to long swing. FV 40

Slow foot speed. Slow around bag defensively. Hands hard at times. Shown accurate arm with throws to second base. High risk 1B profile. Has shown an ability to crush in lower levels but has been unable to adjust to advanced pitching. Still a lot to like despite the risk. Only 21.

Travis Blankenhorn, 3B

Solid, strong body. Athletic frame. High leg kick, lots of pre-load waggle with hands. Stiff wristed. Swing is a bit like a left-handed Josh Donaldson. Lots of swing and miss in the swing. Head moves during swing. Plus raw power in BP, struggles to translate into games. Pitch recognition is poor. Bat speed is slow on anything that is not down and in.  Defensively, not athletic or quick enough to stick at 3B. Ceiling of utility infielder/ organizational depth. FV 35

Ben Rortvedt, C

Short, athletic frame. Looks well built. Defensively, below average defender. Late to get in front of two passed balls and use chest protector. Attempts to pick balls out of dirt. Quick pop time but throws lack accuracy.

At the plate, pull approach. Aggressive hitter early in the count. Linear swing. Will roll over on pitches away, leading to weak ground ball contact. Looks strong enough to eventually add power but will need to improve hit tool. Approach is improving with increased BB rate in FSL.

Charlie Barnes, LHP

Tall, athletic frame. Sets up on 3rd base side of rubber. Low 3/4 arm slot. Stays tall, throws downhill. FB 88-90 with arm side run. Curve 76-78 with sweep. SL 83-84, has tilt. CH 78 with fade. Has great feel for offspeed. Repeats his delivery, stays down in the zone. Pounds bottom half inducing weak ground ball contact.

Will not light up K rate but should profile as a back of the rotation/swing SP that relies on pitchability and feel to get weak contact. None of his pitches are plus but his command and feel cause the stuff to play up.


Brusdar Graterol, RHP

Big, thick frame with a ton of projection. Graterol repeats his delivery well. He has good hip to shoulder separation and generates a high amount of torque. He loads the back leg as he starts his leg kick and his arm action is short and direct.  There is some head movement after release which isn’t really a concern at the moment because the head is still through the delivery. It appeared to me that he tends to cut his stride a little short and lacks optimal extension at release. But other than that, his delivery is clean and simple.

FB sits 98-99, touches 101. FB mostly straight and is the dominant pitch. SL 82. Flashes plus, 2 plane tilt. Inconsistent. Doesn’t appear to have much confidence in the pitch. CH 89-90. Has good arm speed but minimal fade.

Graterol has a big big arm. Still very raw. Learning to sequence his pitches to keep hitters off the FB. SL flashes plus but inconsistent. Rarely throws it early in count first time through order. Lot to like at only 19. Secondaries will need to develop and Graterol will need to learn to pitch backwards in order to tap into his enormous potential.

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