Welcome to DC: Futures Game Field Notes

Luis Basabe, OF CWS: Slender, athletic player, good speed. Battles at the plate, swing has natural loft that should translate to game power. Plus bat speed. Hit 102 for long HR.

Leodys Tavares, OF TEX: Slender, athletic build. Tall frame, long legs. Strong wrists in BP. Indecisive at plate, in between FB and off-speed. Good speed, should grow into more power.

Fernando Tatis, Jr., SS SD: Big frame with loose, athletic build. Will get bigger and stronger. True 5 tool with hit tool the most under developed. Plus bat speed that translates to plus in-game power to all fields. Smooth defender with 70 arm. Throws had extra gear.

Yusniel Diaz, OF BAL: Strong, stocky build. Plus bat speed with advanced approach. Hits line drives with carry. Power will develop. LF profile. Throws lacked carry with parachute action.

Randy Arrozarena, OF STL: Strong, athletic build with body projection. RF profile with arm to neutralize extra bases. Open stance with hands low. Swing has loft.

Seuly Matias, OF KC: Big, strong frame. Thick lower half. Swing is shorter than expected. Pitch recognition is a work in progress. BP was majestic. Easy power in game to all fields. Will hit fastballs in the zone a long ways.

Yordan Alvarez, 1B HOU: XL frame, huge, strong athletic for size. Looks like a football player. Good plate coverage and feel at the plate. Big time power potential. Adequate defense at first.

Luis Urias, 2B SD: Smaller frame but should get stronger. High leg kick and loft to swing. Struggled with pitch recognition despite reputation. Swing late on 94 in with 2-1 hitter’s count and struck out looking on 3 straight curveballs.

Jesus Sanchez, OF TB: Strong, short compact swing. Finds the barrel with loud contact. 60-70 raw power. Line drive hitter at the moment. Line drives have carry. Swing can get long at times. Aggressive, often times gets to front foot too quick.

Luis Garcia, 2B WAS: Bigger than expected. Wide, strong back. Quick wrists. Rangey, athletic defender.

Miguel Amaya, C CHC: Big body, thick lower half and core. Strong, loose wrists. Moves well behind home. 2.14 pop on a backhanded SL.

Dawel Lugo, 3B DET: Smaller, stocky build. Strong frame. Open stance. Keeps hands inside ball with oppo hard contact. Swing is short.

Andres Gimenez, SS NYM: Small, wiry frame. Plus bat speed due to strong wrists. Uses lower half to generate loft. 4.21 home to first. Plus defender, strong arm with quick release.

Keibert Ruiz, C LAD: Solid frame with projection. Open stance with excess pre- swing hand movement.  Good bat speed, feel for the barrel.

Heliot Ramos, OF SF: Short, stocky build. Strong glutes, legs. Linear swing with plus bat speed. Uses all fields. Pitch recognition a work in progress. Aggressive.

Jo Adell, OF LAA: Athletic build, thick legs, high waist. Plus athlete. 4.33 home to first. Long strides, quick. Plus bat speed with power projection. Raw.  Gap power should translate into HR power with maturity. Consistent hard contact.

Bo Bichette, SS TOR: Smaller frame. Will get stronger without affecting size and speed. Elite hand-eye coordination. Plus bat speeds and feel. Quick first step at SS. Athletic around the bag. Strong arm.

Carter Kieboom, SS WAS: Slender frame, loose. Swing is compact, quick inside.

Brendan Rodgers, 2B COL: High waisted, athletic build. Rangey defender but movements lack smoothness. Plus bat speed. Swing gets long against plus off-speed. Will expand the zone with 2 strikes.

Nate Lowe, 1B TB: Big, strong frame. Natural raw power in BP. Good feel for the barrel, takes what the pitcher gives. Swing is short. Strong hands. Comfortable going to the opposite field.

Peter Alonso, 1B NYM: Thick strong legs, forearms. 80 raw power. Mature approach with good feel. Doesn’t need to sell out for in-game power. Swing is balanced.

Keston Hiura, 2B MIL: Solid build with compact swing. Aggressive. Balanced swing with hard line drive contact to the opposite field.

Ryan Mountcastle, 3B BAL: Tall, slender, athletic build. Rangey, loose. Attacked with high fastballs, expanded for swinging strike out.

Alex Kirilloff, OF MIN: Athletic build. Swing is a bit stiff, stiff wrists. Mature approach with excellent feel for hitting. Line drive gap power to all fields. Hands stay back, strong through the zone. Stays balanced. Plus RF arm.

Buddy Reed, OF SD: Loose, athletic build. High waisted. Excellent range in CF. Plus athlete. Strong arm. Fast. 4.13 Home to 1st from LH box. Wide stance with min. stride.

Danny Jansen, C TOR: Strong frame, plus arm behind the plate. Mature approach. Sneaky power with strong wrists and quick inside.

Andrew Knizner, C STL: Solid build. Gap power with ability to translate into HR at next level.

Kyle Lewis, OF SEA: Strong, high-waisted, athletic build. Hands high at set-up. Swing can get long. Pull approach. Ball jumps off barrel.

Taylor Trammell, OF CIN: Strong, athletic frame with projection. Swing is compact and quick. Uses the whole field with plus power potential. Line drive gap power at present that will translate to 55-60 game power. Patient hitter. Fast, long strides. Profiles as a LF with ability to cover CF in small spurts.

Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B PIT: Has added strength since 2017 look with leg kick. More upright stance in 2018. Strong hands, quick wrists. Mature approach, good feel. Power will come with time. Plus defender. quick footwork, reactions. Strong arm. Will stick at 3B with chance for 20 HR power.

All prospects carry risk. The lowest risk prospects are Peter Alonso and Danny Jansen. Both should be in the MLB by the end of 2018. They are safe bets to stick and produce as soon as they get the chance. Tatis, Jr. has moderate risk due to the K rate with the highest ceiling of any player in the game.

The best athletes were Tatis, Jr., Trammell, Reed, and Adell. Kirilloff flashed the strongest OF arm. Tatis, Jr. flashed the strongest IF arm. Diaz and Bichette have the best hit tools. Alonso and Matias put on the most impressive BPs with both receiving an 80 raw power grade.

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