Welcome to DC: The Highschool HR Derby

I arrived midway through the 1st of two rounds but was able to get video of the participants. Every kid put on a show and easily reached the LF concourse or RF upper deck. This isn’t really the time or place for projections but to appreciate the raw power of these kids.

The thing I like about Travinski the sheer size and physicallity that he brings to the dish.

Riley Greene gets excellent extension. Love the high finish and the explosiveness through the zone.

Hinds just looks like an athlete. He has good size and the bat speed is plus. Generates good loft and extension. Explosive bat. Here is another look.

Callihan has some strong legs on him. Peppered the upper deck with ease

The hand drop will need to be addressed but the wrist strength and bat speed is special.

They say this guy is a pitcher. Nice compact swing.

Dean has easy power. Never looked like he was overswinging.

Witt, Jr. has extremely quick wrists and generates plus 70 Raw power.

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