Marlins prospects: Jorge Guzman, Brian Miller, and Joe Dunand

I’ve gotten to see quite a bit of the Jupiter Hammerheads in the past month. The Marlins High A affiliate was led by Jorge Guzman, Brian Miller, and Joe Dunand. Guzman is the highest rated of the three. Acquired from the Yankees in the Stanton deal, Guzman throws three pitches.  FB, SL, CH.  His FB touches 100 and sits 97-98. His CH and SL are 85-86 and 81-85. His SL is his best secondary option but even that is fringey at the moment. It does not have consistent sharp tilt and Guzman’s command of the pitch comes and goes.  His CH is a work in progress.

Guzman is a big kid with a strong lower half.  He sets up on the 3rd base side of the rubber.  His wind-up is really just a modified stretch, as is the case with most Yankees pitchers I’ve seen.  Guzman stays closed and throws across his body.  He throws on a downward plane and when he misses, he seems to miss low in the zone, which is a good thing.  However, Guzman struggles to command the FB glove side (inside to LHH/outside to RH), allowing hitters to zone in and eliminate half the plate. His stuff plays against LHH primarily because he can effectively locate down and away.

In my one look, Guzman faced Tampa, a team and organization that is extrememly familiar with him.  Tampa hitters abushed his FB early and often and even after seeing offspeed early in the account, they were on his FB.  After a rough 1st inning, Guzman settled down and worked in the bottom half of the zone.

Guzman will need a couple things to go right in order to become a major league SP.  He will need to improve his command overall, attack hitters up in the zone to change eye-level, and command the his FB glove side on the black.  Additionally, I think Guzman would benefit from throwing a split-finger.  His offspeed now against High A hitters plays a bit because of the velo difference.  MLB hitters will be able to pick up the spin out of his hand and eliminate certain pitches and parts of the zone.

Overall, I like the arm.  He is poised on the mound.  He seems to have a plan and isn’t trying to strike every one out.  His arm is fast and his FB velocity is easy gas.  He does carry some risk and his ceiling is probably back of the rotation SP.  His stuff could play up in the bullpen.


Moving on up…

Brian Miller and Joe Dunand were promoted to AA Jacksonville.  Miller, the Marlins 2017 1st rounder and Dunand, their 2nd are both ranked in the Marlins Top 30 prospects by

Miller has plus speed and plays a good CF.  His below-average arm may move him to LF where his speed would increase his defensive value.  At the plate, Miller profiles as a top of the order bat.  He has a quiet set-up and a mature approach. His swing is linear with little pop.  He is a patient hitter that will spray line drives and make contact.  At this point, I don’t see anything in the swing that would lead to gap power or doubles.

Joe Dunand is A-Rod’s nephew, and like Uncle Alex, plays SS.  He has a thick lower half and a strong body.  He may outgrow SS.  From what I’ve seen, he is pretty smooth in the field and has a strong arm.  Unlike A-Rod, he isn’t a fast guy but he is a good athlete.

At the plate, Dunand’s batspeed is a concern.  He doesn’t generate speed through his core and hips rather using his strength to generate power.  This may be a concern at AA/AAA against advanced pitching.  His swing doesn’t have a lot of natural loft to it and he tends to be a bit groundball heavy with his balls in play.

Overall, I like the body and the potential to untap some power that will play up.  He can stick at SS for now but I would imagine if he adds any size, he’ll move over to 3rd.  While I don’t care much for positional profiles, I like his bat more at SS than 3rd.


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