Field Notes 6/1/18: Daytona Tortugas at Lakeland Flying Tigers

June 1 – Cininnati Reds’ affiliate in High A Daytona Tortugas v Lakeland Flying Tigers (Detroit) in a double-header.

The Arms

Tony Santillan, RHP – 2nd look

Nice projectable body, thick frame.  FB sits 93-95, touched 98.  CH at 88.  Throws over the top, repeats his delivery but is a bit stiff. Has a SL but mainly worked FB/CH.  In my first look on 4/17/18, the SL was below average.  Command was off early on, allowed 4 runs in first 3 IP before settling down and finishing 6 IP.  He is a strike thrower and relies on keeping the ball down to be effective.  Questionable sequencing early.  Avoided throwing the SL to Isaac Paredes, who struggles against SL.  Gave up a long HR on a 94 mph FB.  Overall, he is worth following.  Needs a consistent 3rd pitch to be an effective SP against advanced hitters.

Gregory Soto, LHP – 1st look

I had heard big things about Soto last season so I was excited to see him.  Soto has a thick lower half and core and like Santillan is real stiff through his delivery.  He utilizes the old school above the head wind up where hic command is better.  Really struggles to repeat from the stretch.  His off-speed, SL and CH, are fringe at best while his FB works 92-95.  Soto struggles to throw strikes with all three pitches.  His arm slows down on off-speed and he starts aiming it.  The surprising thing for me was how often he threw his offspeed.  I would have much preferred to see Soto live and die with the FB and work off that pitch.  Most of the Tortuga hitters had easy takes on Soto’s offspeed and ambushed the FB when it caught too much plate.

Scott Moss, LHP – Daytona – 2nd look

Moss pitched game 2 after a two-hour rain delay.  The first time I saw him, I saw a pitcher that could throw 3 pitches that had potential.  Like Soto, the problem was command.  it allowed hitters to wait for FBs, which from Moss, sit around 90-92.  His CH could be average and has nice fade to it.  In April, he threw a SL with nice horizontal break and good arm action.  He abandoned the SL early in look 2 and worked mostly FB/CH.  The stat line looks good. 5 IP 3H 2BB 8K.  Stats kinda do lie though.  Moss nibbled the entire night throwing 96 pitches/57 strikes.

What he did well was elevate the FB.  However, because his FB and CH only have about an 8 mile differential and he does not feature the SL, he has to be PERFECT in order to miss the barrel when he elevates.  Most of his misses were up and away to RHH meaning that he wasn’t staying tall and the separation of his hands were off from his hips.

The Bats

I wrote a detailed scouting report on Taylor Trammell that you can read on  Suffice to say, this guy is going to be special.

Jose Siri was a guy that I was stoked to see.  He was in Extended Spring Training 4/17-18 when I first saw Daytona.  He has a wiry frame, sightly open stance.  The hands are low and close to the body.  Siri takes big cuts and his swing gets long.  His hips tend to fly open when he sells out like that.  Despite the propensity to swing and miss, there is a lot to like.  He is extremely loose and quick through the zone.  He scorched a triple to LCF that was loud off the bat and he showed off his 80 grade speed.  I clocked him home to 1st: 4.1 and 4.28.

Defensively, he moves well in CF and can cover a ton of ground.  He did not show off his arm.

T.J. Freidl is another smaller guy that has sneaky pop.  He starts closed at the plate and generates a lot of torque through his hips and core.  Friedl has the gap-to-gap power presently.  He makes solid contact and has a mature approach.  I think he has double-digit HR in his bat to go with 30+ 2B and 30 SB.

I mentioned the Paredes HR off Santillan earlier.  Here it is.  Keep an eye out for a full report with video throughout the past 2 months coming soon.

Ibandel Isabel

I wouldn’t consider him a prospect.  He is a RH/DH type that is slow (4.8 home to first) with a TON of swing and miss.  But he is fun to watch hit.  Especially when he is staying up the middle and letting his bat speed and strength do the work.  He hit 2 big time HR.

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