Thursday in the Therapy Room: New York State of Mind

Greg Bird looks healthy.  Saw 4 at bats in Extended Spring Training.  He faced 20-year-old RH Albinson Volquez 3x and LH Chase Johnson-Mullins in his final AB.  Volquez got Bird to hit two weak grounders to second in his first 2 ABs before Bird was able to drive a pitch up and away from him into LCF for a single.  In his final at bat, he launched a mammoth HR to deep RF.  The ball went over the two-story training facility that sits behind the fence.  Tonight, he is in the line-up for High A Tampa on a rehab assignment.

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning

Got some good looks at Yankees prospects Everson Pereira, Dermis Garcia, and Ezequiel Duran.

Ezequiel Duran, 2B/SS

The 2017 slash line is gaudy with a tiny sample size.  However, this kid flat out hits.  He does a good job keeping his weight back and his hips and hands explode to the ball.  His bat was definitely the fastest bat in camp.  Plus bat speed.  His pitch recognition was good the day I saw him against other teenage pitchers.  His body still has a lot of projection. I think he will be a bat-first middle infielder.  His best swing, which is not in the above video, came on a first pitch FB that he nearly drove out of the park.  The sound off the bat was special.  As a defender, I had heard that he was primarily a 2B but I saw him at SS.   He moves well and has a decent arm.

Everson Pereira, CF

Pereira was one of the top international free agents of the July 2 signing period.  The Yankees gave him $1.5 million.  He is a toolsy kid, raw, with quick wrists.  He gets on his front foot too quick and his hips open up, slowing his bat down.  The back foot isn’t firm and it’s almost like he is lunging a bit.  Pitch recognition will be a work in progress.

Dermis Garcia, 3B

Dermis is massive.  He has a quick bat, uses his hips to initiate his bat speed, and at least today, stayed balanced through the zone.  Like with all young hitters, the question will be, “Can he pick up spin?”  Dermis did go down looking in the other at bat I witnessed.  His swing will get long, especially on offspeed, but the power is legit.  Easily 60 grade.

Who Dat?

In the Tampa Tarpons game, Matt Wivnis made his FSL debut.  Who is he?  A minor league free agent signed in October 2016 out of Eastern Illinois.  Wivnis struck out 46 hitters in 30.2 IP in 2017.  Oh, he only walked 4.  Tonight he threw 2 IP, 0H, 1 BB, and 5K.  His SL flashed plus.  Wivinis has a loose arm.  In the video below, he buried back to back SL down and in to Brett Cumberland.

Misc Notes

  • RHP Wellington Caceres is a RHP in XST that I want to get another look at.  Between the camp scrimmage and the game against the Braves XST squad, my attention was divided.  He was throwing gas.  Didn’t get any velo on him, but in the Pereria video, The first AB was against Caceres.
  • OF Junior Soto has a long swing.  Sells out on the offspeed pitches and expands the zone with 2 strikes.  Body wise: He is tall and athletic.
  • OF Terrance Robertson showed good pop to the opposite field, driving a double to LCF.  The ball really jumped off his bat.  He also flashed a 60 grade arm in RF when he hosed a runner at home, hitting the catcher on 1 hop from mid RF.
  • 1B Carlos Tatis’ swing is max effort, long, and expands the zone.  The biggest thing I noticed was that his head was moving on his swings.




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