2017 IBWAA Ballot: AL/NL ROY

There was some incredible and record breaking rookie performances in 2017.  Below is my ballot for the IBWAA’s Rookie of the Year.

American League ROY

  1. Aaron Judge, NYY
  2. Andrew Benintendi, BOS
  3. Trey Mancini, BAL

Judge should receive 100% first place votes for Rookie of the Year.  His dominance is such a landslide that I don’t need to spend many words validating this pick.  However, I will.  His 8.0 WAR nearly quadrupled Matt Chapman and Jordan Montgomery’s 2.7 WAR and doubled Cody Bellinger’s 4.0 WAR.  In fact, according to Fangraphs, only 5 hitters since 1900 have posted a higher WAR in their rookie year than Judge’s 8.0

  1. Mike Tout – 11.0
  2. Shoeless Joe Jackson – 10.2
  3. Benny Kauff –  9.9
  4. Corey Seager – 8.9
  5. Dick Allen – 8.3

Benintendi is my 2nd pick ahead of guys like Mancini, Chapman, and Olson.  Benintendi posted a 2.2 WAR and a 20/20 season.  I chose Mancini over the Oakland duo mainly because he played a full season.  While Olson’s power surge definitely raised a lot of eyebrows and makes him one of the most exciting young power hitters to follow in 2018, he simply didn’t play enough games.  Rookie of the 2nd Half?  Sure.  But Mancini played in 147 games and posted a solid .293/.338/.488 slash line.

National League ROY

  1. Cody Bellinger, LAD
  2. Paul Dejong, STL
  3. German Marquez, COL

Much like Judge, Bellinger is the no brainer pick in the NL.  His 4.0 WAR leads all NL rookies.  The Dodgers’ lineup scuffled until Bellinger’s arrival and the rookie posted an impressive 39 HR in 132 games.

DeJong posted a .532 SLG and 3.0 WAR after he took over as the starting SS in St. Louis.  DeJong seemed to have come out of nowhere in 2017 and his 4.7% walks to 28% K rate suggest he will need to make some serious adjustments in his sophomore season.  However, he gets the nod over Marquez and Hoskins for runner up.

Much like Olson in the AL, Hoskins didn’t have enough time for me to seriously consider him on this ballot.  Marquez is my third choice.  He was the ace of the Rockies’ staff in 2017 as they won the NL Wild Card.  Marquez posted a solid 2.4 WAR and a respectable 4.39 ERA pitching half his games in Coors inducing 45% ground balls.

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